Convert data into useful information.


SAP Business Intelligence solutions facilitate access to timely, accurate and reliable information for effective decision making within the organization. They provide self-service access to data, with the ability to analyze and report, use performance metrics and accelerate response times to exceptions and events. Thanks to Business Intelligence , the company can achieve continuous improvement of processes to generate useful knowledge. The three main areas covered are planning, measurement (management control) and analysis .

  • Centralized data repository, built from scattered sources.
  • Analytical data processing for strategic decision making.
  • Relevant information in the hands of the right people.
  • Predictive analysis to anticipate changes.

BI With Hana

Model real-time business scenarios.

Integrated natively with SAP HANA , the SAP Business Intelligence solution leverages all information flows to model business scenarios in real time . It facilitates the design, development and resolution of problems in the field of Business Intelligence , effectively distributing information to local systems, mobile devices and cloud , with powerful visualizations and dashboards that can be consumed anywhere. It radically transforms business intelligence strategies so that organizations can get the most out of their data.

  • Agility and speed in the development of Business Intelligence within the organization.
  • High degree of satisfaction of the end user thanks to the performance and usability of the tool.
  • Reduction of system monitoring costs.
  • Direct integration with new Business Objects tools such as Design Studio.