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Environment Health & Safety

While striving for economic development, we make every effort to reduce our ecological footprint and environmental impact, and to protect eco-systems. In an effort to preserve nature and make a positive impact on the environment, we encourage our employees to be environmentally conscious and limit their ecological footprint at work as well as in their personal lives. TymonGlobal green initiatives include :

  • Waste reduction:

    TymonGlobal has implemented a recycling program and a paperless environment

  • Energy conservation:

    Efficiently managing and reducing the use of energy resources across all company locations

  • Toxic emissions reduction:

    TymonGlobal strives to reduce toxic emissions related to employee travel

  • Power Saving:

    Conserve electricity by using energy efficient products and use only when needed.

  • Increase Go Freen Awareness:

    Educating Employees and customers aware about green initiatives &encourage them to support .

  • Staff Training:

    Enouraging employees to notify about any noncompliance issue related with Environmental laws/regulations,and to take required actions.

  • support Eco-Friendly Products:

    Provide support to environment friendly products & usage benefits

  • Recycled Products:

    Reducing excess use of paper and use recycle/reusable products when required.